• Veterans in Business - What do any of us know?

    Ashley Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Quintessential Performance. We are human performance specialists, utilising over 20 years of evidence based practice and specialist military experience operating at peak performance levels within high pressure environments to help others achieve their objectives, professionally and personally.  We do this through understanding the psychology of peak performance, developing psychological resilience and implementing behaviour change.
  • Project RV - Adventurous training for Airborne forces and Commandos

    The veteran community has grown so much and burst with pride calling myself an ex serviceman. The communities being built by veteran owned businesses again, fantastic, the amount of new friendships available.
  • A Sunflower always finds light, no matter how dark the day!

    A really good Blog from former Royal Marine Gareth Smith @garjsmith to set the standard of our new blog space 'Dits'. A blog that many may be able to relate, or help others to try and understand the feelings, emotions, and self pressures that serving/ex personnel may be going through.
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