Contact Coffee Co.

We deliver quality coffee to be brewed and enjoyed with minimal fuss in any environment.

Our story begins with two serving Royal Marines frustrations of drinking poor freeze dried coffee during operations and exercises around the world.

Difficult resupply and low budgets resulted in either no coffee or the freeze dried substandard instant coffee only reaching deployed soldiers.

We wanted to create a military coffee company to provide serving Personnel with good coffee, no matter which environment their career takes them.

Our mantra of “Quick Coffee” drives us to seek ways of brewing the best fresh coffee with minimal equipment and in the shortest amount of time.

Field testing every product to ensure its “soldier proof” and tastes delicious continues to take priority over aesthetics. Our coffee has been trialled and tested in all environments, from the Arctic circle to jungles. All of our coffee and products give our customers the best fighting chance of making and drinking great coffee with ease.

Contact Coffee Co co-founder as a special forces communicator in Afghanistan

Luke – Co Founder

I transitioned from the Royal Marines to 'Civvie Street' after serving 10 years. After deploying on Herrick, I completed Special Forces Communicator Selection in 2014 spending the last 6 years working within ' The Group' on further deployments. As I moved away from the military I continue to push myself by training for fitness challenges such as Hyrox, Ironman, and marathons.

I took the step into running Contact Coffee full time in 2020, this has enabled us as a business to grow by giving us less restrictions due to previous personal and operational security.

Like most entrepreneurs, my role is jack of all trades. Along with Si Lume, I am always looking forward to the future for opportunities and new avenues to explore.

Favourite Coffee: Flat White, Red On!

Method: Espresso Machine

Contact Coffee Co co-founder as a Royal Marine on a parachute exercise

Si Lume - Co-founder

Still serving but I continue to be at the core of what Contact Coffee strives to deliver to our customers.

More information to follow…

Favourite coffee: Americano with milk, Battle Prep blend
Method: Espresso created with an Aeropress

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