The Veteran Fishing Community

The Veteran Fishing Community

Why Veterans start fishing

For centuries, fishing has been a means of survival. As civilisations developed near water, fishing became one of the oldest professions. Fishing is all about being self-sufficient, and adaptable. It involves learning to feed oneself with just the tools and wit, without relying on anyone else.

Veterans seem to be comfortable, being uncomfortable. I mean, don't get me wrong, unless you are an ex-mountain leader we highly doubt that people are cam-creamed up cracking hard routine. But, there is something about having a little bit of hardship and discomfort that makes the day a little more rewarding.

The veteran fishing community is not just about catching fish, but about reeling in camaraderie (happy with that one?), relaxation, and a sense of purpose. From casting (and again) worries away to sipping on Anglers Blend, veterans can find solace and joy near the water.

making coffee whilst fishing

Veteran Fishing Organisations and Charities

Some great organisations have been set up over the years to support the veteran community by offering fishing gear, trips, and competitions to bring people together.

Fishing for Heroes provides fully funded fishing courses for not only veterans but full-time serving military service men and women who may be struggling with PTSD, combat fatigue, or any emotional and psychological problem related to their active service.

Another great non-profit organisation is Fishing for Forces, which aims to provide a day of fishing for those returning from Operational Duty, whether it's part of a group day out at a local fishery or a day out with a local fisherman. This easing their path back into a normal life, with lifetime support should they take up the sport, is offered to the whole tri-service, and they rely heavily on donations of kit and access to fisheries. 

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Recommended coffee kit for your fishing trip

Unfortunately we aren't in a position to talk the best bait and rods, but luckily we know a thing or two about coffee, especially in an outdoor environment. Allow us to recommend our top coffee products for fishing.

  1. Coffee (of course), we recommend our Anglers Blend for obvious reasons. This smooth, delicate, and sweet blend with good notes of roasted peanut, cashew, dried cherry is an ideal coffee to enjoy for those sun rises on the bank. It is light-bodied with a mild acidity and a delicate citrus fruit aftertaste.

  2. Keeping your coffee dry is a non-negotiable, keeping it secure is a no brainer. Secure your coffee and valuables within a military grade ammo box to keep them dry and safe on your trip.

  3. Arguably the best portable coffee maker for the outdoors is the Aeropress, a piece of coffee making equipment that we can personally vouch for, that is robust enough to survive operational tours and still produce a great coffee. 

  4. Single Serve Coffee Bags are a better alternative to freeze dried instant coffee. Why ruin your morning with sub standard instant coffee, when you can throw a bag of freshly ground coffee into your hot water and enjoy a ground coffee in just 3 minutes? 

  5. Kit segregation is key within the military world, and even more so with anglers. The last thing you need is to get your boilies mixed up with your sugar, these Multicam Stash Bags are ideal and won't get you spotted by the fish!

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