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Multicam Stash Bags

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With these versatile bags by your side, you can now effortlessly store everything from coffee brew bags to a Jetboil.

What are the dimensions of the Multicam Stash Bags?

The pack includes three bags of different sizes: Large (10” x 12”), Medium (8” x 10”), and Small (6” x 8”), providing versatile storage options for various items.

What material are the Multicam Stash Bags made from?

These bags are crafted from breathable mesh Multicam fabric, which keeps them lightweight and ensures quick drying, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Where are the Multicam Stash Bags manufactured?

The Multicam Stash Bags are hand-made in the United Kingdom by Luminae Design, known for producing tactical military equipment for top-tier military units and tactical enforcement units.


Multicam Kit Organisation Bags

These Multicam Stash Bags are designed to organise your mission/coffee critical equipment. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, these stash bags are skilfully made from breathable mesh Multicam fabric.

This unique material not only keeps the bag lightweight for easy carrying but also ensures that your belongings dry quickly and efficiently. From storing small essentials like coffee brew bags to accommodating your aeropress, these versatile bags have you covered in every situation.

Experience convenience and functionality like never before with our carefully designed storage solutions.

Organise mission and coffee critical equipment

A recommended military kit tip is keeping all small task-related items together, which lets you conveniently extract the required equipment as a single package from your day-sack or pouch. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple loose items and ensures that everything is organised in one place, saving you time and effort when you need to access them.

Made in the United Kingdom

These bags have been carefully hand-made in the United Kingdom by Luminae Design, which manufactures and designs tactical military equipment. They boast an impressive resume of customers, from top-tier military units to tactical enforcement units.

Pack Includes 3 Bags

  • 1x Large - 10” x 12”
  • 1x Medium - 8” x 10”
  • 1x Small - 6” x 8”



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