Sustainable Nespresso Pods

Sustainable Nespresso Pods

Fully Recyclable Nespresso Pods

contact coffee mug and nespresso pods

Contact Coffee Co have developed fully recyclable aluminium Nespresso pods that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. These pods offer the best coffee experience while also making sure that their packaging is recyclable.

Nespresso pods are made out of high quality materials and are completely free from plastics which makes them safe for the environment. Furthermore, they are also packaged in cardboard boxes that can be easily recycled after use.

This revolutionary step towards sustainability shows us how we can have a greener future with sustainable products like our Nespresso pods, which are designed to reduce waste and pollution and provide us with the best coffee experience possible.

Not only is aluminium recyclable and sustainable, but it also provides the best integration and extraction for coffee pods. This helps ensure that users get the best cup of coffee with their Nespresso machine.

Brazil & Latin America Blend

contact coffee nespresso pods pouring

We chose our most popular Battle Prep blend to produce the best all rounded coffee. Coffee from Brazil and Latin America is renowned for being particularly full bodied, with a unique flavour that many coffee lovers appreciate. It has strong notes of liquorice and cocoa which make it a perfect all rounder for anyone looking for an intense and powerful cup of coffee. It's not too sweet, but rather balanced in its flavours, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

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