Red On! Battle Bags (100,300)

Brand: Contact Coffee Company Ltd.

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We stealthily placed a mystery coffee bag with a “?” stamped on it. We asked for your feedback (thank you btw) and grafted night and day to bring our most caffeinated coffee in a Battle Bag.

Battle Bags are Contact Coffees answer to instant coffee. Fresh ground coffee with you in the form of a classic “tea bag” with you in 3 minutes. After years of hate mail and failed pipe bombs we have finally succumbed to your wishes and put your favourite caffeinated coffee in a Battle Bag.

Please will you stop with the hate mail and IED’s? asking for a mate.

Sick of shit freeze dried instant coffee? Get yourself some admin free essence coffee.

Just infuse in hot water, enjoy, and get that kick up the arse you need.

Perfect for the field, or if you gen have no time to make a Cafetiere or Aeropress. 

Also available in 10's.

*Please note 100's and 300's do not come individually boxed in 10's, they will be loose in one unbranded large box.