Platatac Water Bottle

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platatac bottle in multicam pouch
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Platatac Water Bottle

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Why is the platatac bottle better than a NATO issued bottle?

Simply put, the shape. With these bottles being rectangular, they utilise the space more efficiently when packing multiple bottles into your pack or pouches. They are also easier to grip when wet or wearing gloves.

What colours are available?

Currently these are only available in olive, making them perfect for military or hunting use.

Are they light?

Incredibly light, weighing only 51g empty.


Military Water Bottle

Australian-made Platatac is an international manufacturer of some of the best Police and Military equipment in the world. Their rig makes a British-issue smock look like a cardigan. Better still, they've even made a great alternative tactical water bottle to our pretty fit-for-purpose UK standard-issue NATO water bottle.

The Platatac Decor 1 Litre flask, made in olive to suit all military and outdoor use, is only available from Platatac and its exclusive retailers.

Alternative to a NATO 58 Pattern Water Bottle

Slimmer than a UK standard issue black water bottle, this makes it easier to slip into and stack multiple bottles within your chosen pack, whilst still having the robustness to withstand rigorous activities. It is also easier to grip whilst wearing gloves or in wet conditions.

Features include:

  • 51 grams approx. per flask (empty)
  • Robust construction
  • Measurements marked in 100ml increments
  • 2 flasks will fit into an issued minimi pouch
  • BPA free
  • Freezer safe
  • Dish Washer Safe
  • Food safe
  • Largemouth screw top for ease of filling
  • Resistant to Odours
  • Olive
  • Made in Australia

*pouch not included


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