XL AeroPress Travel Coffee Maker

AeroPress XL vertical with coffee extracted
AeroPress XL extracting coffee into AeroPress Carafe
AeroPress XL, AeroPress Carafe, filter cap, scoop and Stirrer
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XL AeroPress Travel Coffee Maker

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Experience twice the capacity without compromising on the iconic Aeropress press. This innovative brewing device allows you to brew larger batches of rich and flavourful coffee, perfect for sharing with friends or indulging in a long-lasting caffeine fix!

What is the capacity of the AeroPress XL?

The AeroPress XL can brew up to 600ml of coffee, which is about double the capacity of the original AeroPress. This makes it ideal for brewing larger quantities, perfect for serving multiple cups in one go.

What are the key differences between the AeroPress XL and the original AeroPress?

The AeroPress XL is larger in both diameter and length, allowing it to brew more coffee at once. It includes a 20oz (590ml) Tritan carafe, which is shatterproof and designed for larger brews. The filter size is also bigger, and it comes with a redesigned piston without guide ribs, making it slightly more challenging to press but increasing the overall brewing volume​.

How do you use the AeroPress XL?

To use the AeroPress XL, assemble it by placing a paper filter in the filter cap and securing it to the bottom of the chamber. Add medium-fine ground coffee, pour in hot water up to the desired level, stir, and then press the plunger down slowly to extract the coffee. The AeroPress XL can be used with the included carafe or any large mug that fits its wider base.


Aeropress XL

Experience the next level of press technology with the Aeropress iconic press, now equipped with double the capacity. This upgraded XL AeroPress Travel Coffee Maker features the same patented technology that we love. Allowing for a seamless brewing experience, and most importantly, double the amount of coffee! Plus, it comes with a 20oz carafe made of crystal-clear shatterproof Tritan™ material, as a result, offering durability and clarity in every pour.

With its compact, durable, and lightweight design, this portable coffee maker is the perfect companion for your travels, therefore, no more mediocre coffee whilst on the go in hotels, offices or out in the mountains. Enjoy the taste of a quality brew wherever you go, for two!

Why is the AeroPress so Good?

  • With a perfect combination of immersion, aeration, and pressure, you can indulge in exceptional flavours and unmatched versatility. For example, you can create americano, cold brew, espresso, or lattes, and our innovative system can effortlessly prepare it all in just about a minute.

  • Experience a new level of fast immersion with our unique press that includes filtration. Unlike traditional presses, the XL AeroPress Travel Coffee Maker allows you to use a finer grind coffee, as a result, you get a quicker brewing time without sacrificing taste. Say goodbye to acidity, bitterness, and grit, as a result enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable cup of coffee.

  • Air Pressure: Experience a truly exceptional brewing process with the innovative plunge system. By utilising gentle pressure, you therefore extract the purest and freshest flavours from the coffee grounds. As a result is a cup of coffee with an exquisite body and finish that, in short, surpasses what you typically find. 

Whats included with the Aeropress XL?

  • AeroPress XL Chamber, Plunger, Filter Cap & Seal

  • AeroPress Carafe: made of crystal-clear shatterproof Tritan™.

  • Paper Micro-Filters: Includes 100 replacement AeroPress XL paper micro-filters. 

  • Stirrer

  • Scoop 

Please note that regular Aeropress components are not compatible with the new Aeropress XL.


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