Aeropress Coffee Maker Bundle

Aeropress Coffee Maker Bundle
Aeropress Portable Coffee Maker
Aeropress Flow Control Filter Cap
Aeropress Steel Reusable Filter
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Aeropress Coffee Maker Bundle

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The Ultimate AeroPress Bundle

For coffee enthusiasts, the AeroPress has become synonymous with a rich, smooth, and grit-free brew. Recognised for its rapid brewing process and versatility, it's no wonder the AeroPress is a favourite among professionals and novices alike. Our exclusive Aeropress Coffee Maker Bundle takes your brewing experience to the next level, combining the original AeroPress with essential accessories that enhance its functionality.

What's included in the Aeropress Coffee Maker Bundle

  1. AeroPress Coffee Maker: Renowned for its rapid, total immersion brewing process, the AeroPress delivers a delicious full-flavored coffee without the bitterness. Whether you prefer regular American style coffee or espresso for your lattes, this coffee maker has you covered.

  2. AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap: Gain greater control over your brew's steeping time with this innovative cap. It allows for a slower press, ensuring optimal extraction of flavours.

  3. AeroPress Steel Filter: Move beyond the traditional paper filters with this reusable steel filter. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also allows more oils and a fuller body to pass through, enhancing the richness of your brew.

Why Choose Our Bundle?

  • Consistency: The combination of the AeroPress with the Flow Control Filter Cap ensures a consistent brew every time, appealing to both outdoor enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs.

  • Eco-Friendly: With the inclusion of the steel filter, reduce waste and make your coffee brewing process more sustainable.

  • Value for Money: While individual items are available separately, our bundle offers a cost-effective solution, providing all essentials in one package.

  • Portability: Lightweight and compact, this bundle is perfect for home use, camping, traveling, or impressing friends with your barista skills on the go.

Step up your coffee ritual with our Ultimate AeroPress Bundle. Whether you're a seasoned coffee lover or just starting out, this bundle ensures a premium brewing experience, cup after cup.


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