British Veteran Owned Brands You Need To Check Out.

British Veteran Owned Brands You Need To Check Out.

Why choose UK Veteran Owned companies

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There has been a huge influx of Veteran and Military owned brands over the past 6 years. What became popular over in the states, has made it's way over to the UK with people taking inspiration from brands such as Zulu Foxtrot, 30 seconds out, and a coffee company that we can't seem to remember the name of.

As always, us Brit's always have our own spin on things. Do we do it better? Or do we just do things differently? That's for you to decide. 

We have built some really good relationships over the years with like minded UK veteran owned companies, with not only integrity but originality.

Here's some of our recommended British Veteran owned businesses, from veteran owned clothing companies to the best British military coffee company! (wonder who that could that be..)

Sin Eaters Guild - SEG

Gaz was one of the first to raise his head out of the para pit to set up a Veteran company, setting the bar high from the get go. Sin Eaters Guild is more than just a clothing company, he has built a community bonded by their actions.

Originally born out of a desire to promote the veteran community and the mindset that sets us apart, the community has grown to include those non-veterans who embrace our mindset, including over 100 people bearing the SEG tattoo...

Fight or Perish - FOP

Created in the United Kingdom, FOP is a brand carved from years of proud military service and hard fought experience by two friends with different backgrounds, but both with the same ambition and drive.

Creating quality designed t-shirts for regiments and specialist units across the British Army, including the Jungle Warfare Division.

We recently reviewed one of their EDC Packs as a top 5 outdoor gift of 2022.

Quickdraw Card Co

Quick Draw Card Co. was founded by two former Royal Marines Commandos, both with extensive operational experience including working alongside United Kingdom Special Forces.

They have created and produced the first ever military/emergency services playing cards.

By producing these playing card decks they hope to bring people together away from technology to laugh and talk one game of cards at a time. I know from personal experience that whilst being deployed on operations you get to know so much about the people around you whilst engaging in these kind of activities, without a 'like' or hashtag in sight!

They also produce their card artwork as custom prints, of which we have a bespoke Special Forces Communicator print proudly hung in our office.


If you are aware of HR4K's back story then you can probably work out why they are smartly named HR4K. Ben is arguably the OG of this UK veteran business scene, where many have tried to replicate and fail, Ben has always had the foot hold and originality, bringing the accessibility of many US veteran companies to people here in the UK.

From starting in a pad garage, to operating numerous coffee shops, and an aesthetically pleasing HQ in the heart of Hereford, HR4K continue to grow and make noise.

Apostle Tactical

The guys over at Apostle Tactical are serious when it comes to menswear. All of their garments are inspired by military uniforms and the people who wore them.

Their mission is to illustrate the history behind the designs authentically, creating quality fashion while paying homage to those we owe so much. 

With ties to people operating in Ukraine, you can also bag yourself some pretty ally battlefield memorabilia to raise funds for those in harms way.

Contact Coffee Co.

This is our article, so we can firmly put ourselves at the top of the list of UK Military Coffee Companies. We are proud to be the Original UK Military Coffee Company. With many others coming and going over the years, we have been here since 2016, and still going strong.

Founded by two Royal Marines, our mantra is to enjoy good coffee no matter where you find yourself deploying to. From jungles and deserts, to the arctic circle and ops rooms, our coffee has been tried and tested in all environments.

We offer a wide range of coffee in both beans and ground, along with our best selling coffee bags, our answer to sh*t freeze dried coffee! Check out our robust coffee gear to make the best coffee, and clothing to show people you mean business when it comes to coffee.

Reaper One Seven - R17

Reaper One Seven, founded and operated by another veteran Royal Marine, stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the warrior culture.

The brand was conceived with a dual purpose: To present a line of apparel and products that encapsulate the resilience, determination, and distinctive jet-black wit characteristic of those who have faced the rigours of battle, whilst offering an unfiltered glimpse into the historical battlefields to educate and motivate.

Offering an impressive range of clothing and accessories, from fightwear to dhobi bags, R17 are one to follow.


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