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5 things you should know about coffee bags

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Whats the point in coffee bags?

For the outdoor enthusiast and military they are a practical, lightweight, better alternative to freeze dried coffee. We developed ours for use whilst out and about when you do not have the luxury of an espresso machine. From our experience we never came across one the Arctic Circle or Jungle, so coffee bags are best next thing whilst avoiding the dreaded instant coffee sachets.

pulling out a contact coffee co coffee bag

Are coffee bags sustainable??

Our coffee bags are packaged individually to keep the freshness of the coffee at it's best. We use Polypropylene plastic which is recyclable 04 PE. Our coffee bags are made up of PLA Compostable BioWeb® which is renewable, compostable, and biodegradable

contact coffee co coffee bag

Do coffee bags taste nice?

'Contact Coffee Co bags taste the best'. Obviously. Not all coffee bags taste great, certain blends of coffee simply do not work in this brewing method. We have trialled and tested all of our coffee's as coffee bags and only bring out the best tasting options.

making a coffee with a coffee bag

Are coffee bags expensive?

Our coffee bags are available from as little as 33p per coffee! A huge saving when compared to the average take away coffee being around £3! Contact Coffee offer coffee bags in 10, 100, 300 quantities.

drinking a coffee bag

Where can I buy coffee bags from?

Head over to our website to pick up some coffee bags.


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