3 Best Ways To Enjoy Coffee Outdoors - Quick and Easy Methods

3 Best Ways To Enjoy Coffee Outdoors - Quick and Easy Methods

Guest Post Written By: Alex from TheOutdoorAscent.com

Enjoying a good cup of coffee isn’t as easy as it seems, but it can be even harder in the outdoors. If you are a lover of coffee and the outdoors, have you tried them both together? Let me tell you it’s a game-changer. Whether you are a rock climber wanting a coffee while at the crag, or a hiker who wants a coffee while having a break. Whatever you do, knowing how to make belting coffee while outdoors will make your day even better.

In this post, I will talk you through three ways to make the perfect coffee outdoors. You have probably heard of these but may not know how to use them well or not own any. The three ways are; Coffee Bags, AeroPress and a Moka Pot.

The easiest way would be the coffee bags, then moving to Aeropress and the hardest way being Moka Pot. Well, the hardest way would be to bring an espresso machine and a generator, but let’s be normal and not do that.

One thing you will need for all of these methods is a portable stove and a mug. I will link a post about choosing the right portable stove. As for a mug, get an enamel camping mug as they don’t break as a ceramic mug would.

Coffee Bags

Coffee bags are very simple to use and not much goes into making a nice coffee with one.

How to make a coffee with a coffee bag:

Start by opening the packet and putting your bag in the mug. Then put enough water on to boil, Once the water is boiled, pour it into the cup then give it a little stir and leave to steep for 3-5 minutes. Then remove the bag and you’re done.

This is such an easy way to make coffee there really isn’t much to write for this section.


two coffee bags with an enamel mug


The AeroPress is an amazing way to make a really good coffee and my favourite on this list. The brewing method is quite fun. As you do need to weigh out beans I recommend doing that at home. You may also want to grind them at home if you don’t have a hand grinder.

There are two types of AeroPress. You can get the normal one which is just the brewing device, or the AeroPress Go. The AeroPress Go comes with a cup and a lid with the device nicely packs away which is a good way to save some space. I use the go as I like that everything comes together and it packs away nicely.

aeropress go portable coffee maker

Coffee Bean Prep

As I said, you will need to do some bean prep before you head out. I use 11 grams of beans. Then I grind my beans to the finer end of medium. I then just put them in a sandwich bag and they go into my pack with everything else you need.

Brewing Outdoors

11g of coffee 200g of boiled water. When outdoors it’s hard to weigh or measure water so just eyeball it.

  • Put the filter into the cap. Don't rinse or preheat the brewer (it doesn't make any difference)
  • Put coffee into the brewer
  • Add water
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Holding the brewer and the piston, gently swirl the brewer
  • Press gently all the way
  • Drink and enjoy!

Moka pot

The Moka pot is a great and popular way to enjoy coffee. It is a great way to make coffee outdoors as all you need is a pot of coffee and a stove. So three things that are less than the Aeropress, no pot is needed as it’s all in one. It is just a lot bigger and heavier than the press. it also has a handle and a nob on top that can easily break, especially in your bag.

Bean Prep

Like with AeroPress, you have to do a bit of bean prep before you head out. There are two sizes of Moka pot, a six-cup and a three-cup. For a six-cup, I use 20-22 grams of coffee. Then for a three-cup, I use 10-12 grams of coffee. I then grind on a medium to fine grind setting.

Brewing -

  1. Fill the bottom chamber of the Moka pot with water until it is level with the valve. Use pre-boiled water if you can as it will make the resulting taste a bit better.
  2. Fill the funnel with the ground coffee, levelling the grounds and wiping the rim funnel. Don’t tamp the grounds.
  3. Screw the Moka pot’s top on tightly.
  4. Place the Moka pot on your camping/ portable stove. Don’t have the flame too large, ensure it isn’t going up the side of the pot.
  5. As the water in the bottom chamber approaches a boil, the pressure will push a stream of coffee steadily up into the upper chamber. You know it’s done when you hear a hissing, gurgling sound. Immediately remove the Moka pot from the heat. If you were indoors or have a lot of water I suggest pouring water on the base to cool it down quicker. This will help stop the brewing process and help not over-extract the coffee.


Alex is the owner/ founder of TheOutdoorAscent.com.

He has spent a lot of time outdoors camping, climbing and hiking. He used to work as a barista and has a passion for making great coffee, especially when outdoors.

In his blog, he writes about hikes, mountains, gear and tips. He has also written about Contact Coffee Co so check that out too.

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