Wacaco Barista Kit

Brand: Contact Coffee Company Ltd.

Product Code: BARKIT

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What is it?

If you are a coffee pest then this is the perfect upgrade to the Nanopresso Espresso  pump. 

What does the kit consist of?

  • The Barista kit allows you to have a double shot of espresso with your Nanopresso by using a larger coffee basket and a screw on extension.
  • It offers a larger water tank that screws onto the Nanopresso that offers more coffee from one pump. Either more coffee for you and a mate or more coffee for yourself.
  • A tamp to press the espresso shot down into the basket.
  • Multiple extra espresso baskets so you can prep your coffee for the day and just carry the sealed baskets and use when the caffeine levels drop.
  • A mini coffee flask. This is the perfect size for a double espresso shot and can keep it warm for hours.

This is needed for any large periods away from the niceties of the home.