Nespresso Pods

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Our long awaited Nespresso pods

  • Fully recyclable aluminium pods and recyclable cardboard packaging.
  • Aluminium provides the best integration and extraction with Nespresso machines compared to other materials.
  • Aluminium is more recyclable than other 'compostable materials' the yuppies like to gob off about. To be Compostable a material needs the right conditions of heat, light, oxygen and moisture to break down to organic matter in under 180 days. Thats even if you have a perverted compost heap in your back garden.
  • Ditch these in the recycling bin after your wet and you will have Sir David Attenborough giving you the chuck ups left right and centre.
  • Each pod contains 5.4g of Morale.

Quezzies? Shouldn't be.