No Trace Sippers

Brand: Contact Coffee Company Ltd.

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A good soldier never leaves sign.

It's in our nature to ensure that we always keep our working and personal areas clean within the military. On ship, in Camp or even in the field, we never leave a trace behind.

We can all agree that it's pretty hideous seeing a mass amount of plastic in our oceans. The biggest being the Great Pacific Garbage patch that is now 3 times the size of France. We are fighting against single use plastic.

We have not turned into a hipster artisan coffee company by launching this epic product. We are instead, doing our part to offer a solution to this gopping mess.

No Trace Sippers is perfect as an on the go travel mug. Ideal for heading into work in the mornings or taking it to a coffee shop to get a refill (if that's your thing and your admin is that bad that you don't have any Contact Coffee on you). 

No Trace Sippers offers:

  • Full aroma, more flavour from your coffee
  • 100% leak proof and easy open/shut
  • Insulated
  • 227ml Capacity