Tac or Non Tac

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Tac or Non Tac?

For those who have not heard this expression then allow us to explain:

Tac or Tactical is the term used for when its time to play real soldiers (Unlike (insert generically abused regiment here)). Cam Cream should be clogging your pores, only one boot should be off at a time (even if there is a fire) and weapons made ready. Strict arcs of fire must be maintained and cooking and coffee making should happen if the situation allows. 

Non Tac or Non Tactical is the term used for when the troop/platoon Sergeant has failed to create a good training program or there is a "lull" in the battle. Civilian jackets and MTP trousers are a must (the more obscure the variations the better). If appropriate, a fire MUST be created to burn empty ration boxes, stag lists and unattended lazy troop/platoon sergeants kit. Gaggles of people cleaning weapons and listening to music from a mobile phone is a must. Coffee must be consumed continuously.

"Hey Contact Coffee, Why 2 flasks? Are you some kind of war junkie?"

Well yes, sort of. We have brought you these epic flasks for whatever your situation dictates.

Trialled in Norway, this keeps your coffee hot for 8-10hrs 

You decide if you want to big time it with your white on black "Non Tac" flask or be subtly cocky with your "Tac" black on black flask.

  • 500ml capacitiy 
  • Secure screw top lid
  • "battle bag blocker" mesh insert to stop battle bag falling out
  • Matte black gum texture finish
  • CCCo logo

Available in both "Tac" and "Non-tac" variants.