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Should I Get A Coffee Subscription?

Is a coffee subscription worth it?

Subscriptions of any sort can be really useful, in a world of fast paced living allow automations to take care of your life admin. Subscriptions are available for anything now, from nappies to coffee, which actually could work quite well together...


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Who does the best coffee subscription?

Trick question? In all honesty, it depends on what you require and how what your favoured coffees are. Many people stick to what they know and who they feel loyal to, others change it up every couple months and bounce around, either is fine, do whats best for you!

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What is included in a coffee subscription?

We like to provide tailored monthly coffee subscriptions to our customer by offering 3 tiers of subscription for every budget. We allow you to choose between 2-4 bags of your favourite Contact Coffee, in which you can change each month. You will also receive a different free coffee sample each month to try some of the best coffee's and blends which allows us to get feedback from our customers for new permanent coffees.

coffee subscription bags being held on a beach

How do I join the Contact Coffee Club?

You have seen the light and allowing us to take care of your caffeine supply. Simply head over to our Contact Coffee Club page, sign up, and pick your coffee! If you have got this far we salute you, so please use code CLUB25 at checkout to receive 25% off your first month!

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