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Earlier this spring, The REORG Jiu Jitsu Foundation launched, in association with The Royal Marines Charity. Their mission is to provide a platform for serving personnel and veterans to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as part of their recovery pathway and to combat the challenge of mental health and physical disabilities.

Choosing to learn Jiu Jitsu is a route to improving both physical and mental health. With new knowledge comes a new feeling of confidence and sense of achievement as you improve over time. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu features a grading and belt system.

REORG has had a very successful first year, for maximum impact they have now branched off to work with other sports...

  • REORG Boxing Foundation
  • REORG Functional Fitness Foundation

REORG Functional Fitness Foundation has been established by serving Royal Marines to help other Royal Marines and Veterans overcome injuries and stress. They work closely with Rock 2 Recovery and all money raised through REORG is donated to The Royal Marines Charity. 

Contact Coffee Co. are immensely proud and excited to work alongside and support such a charity that is very close to home. Watch this space...

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  • Apr 09, 2018
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