Contact Coffee Co. Ambassador Sheli Mccoy.

An official introduction to Contact Coffee Co. Ambassador Sheli Mccoy.

I’m Sheli McCoy (27) I am a Masters Graduate of Robert Gordon’s University. I have a degree and a First class honours in Sports Science being awarded “Best overall Performance ” of my year and have had my literature published. My Masters Degree was very specific to Human movement, rehabilitation and the biomechanics of movement which goes hand in hand with my existing Sports Rehabilitation Qualifications. I am also qualified in Sports massage, Sports taping, Prehab and Rehab exercises, Nutrition and health along with being a Level 3 Personal Trainer a L1 Crossfit Coach and a L2 British Weight Lifting Coach.

I established my own company which I named “Complete Phyzique” in 2013. My business offers all of my skills and qualifications to the general public , those looking for general guidance, those looking to exercise, aspiring athletes and elite level athletes. I regularly blog about pertinent fitness issues including my recent article on the effects of overtraining. I love my work, I love my clients , sports and fitness and I love Crossfit.

I am a sponsored CrossFit athlete and I regularly compete in CrossFit from local – European standard and travel all over to receive coaching from some of the worlds best athletes.

I recently qualified 3rd in the Scottish Championships (CrossFit)

Sheli is Hoofin, as soon as we saw her we knew we had to bring her on board. She's an inspiration to our female followers,  giving most lads a run for there money which scares us but we like it...

Instagram @cfsheli

Twitter @CFSheli


  • Apr 04, 2018
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